Holiday memories Halgeir :

1983 :

flashdance    flashdance  


Remember my first holiday in Bulgaria. disco playin flashdance so drunked.. But after 3 days 1 man come and ask l I like go With his sister wow.mmm so sexy she, all rest of holiday we was together. last day waiting for buss,we sitting under tree and drink limonade. I got address but I loose.

6 years later I meet her again.I stayed Luxus hotell.. It was first year I had eat ts medicine. and also did so many plastical operations


1985 :

modern talking Modern Talking

Drinking too much, WOW Bulgaria 1985 meet sexy g from East Berlin.

simple minds  Simple Minds

mmm remember 1985 holiday Bulgaria.Me sit bar and look this video. then 1 sexy g from east berling com start talk me..we become friends and in night we go hotell, but reception refuce her entrance cos she from east europe. Me go room and throug bed into garden and we sleep togehter all night. in morning many hotell guests looking Down at us hahah. In  1989 she come visit me in norway.
Later this year I operate my nose for first time, cos new private ear-nose clinique in neighbour city Drammen . WHY NOT IN PUBLIC HOSPITAL?. Operation was ok, but 1 year too late.
I had become cronicle sick in nose (terracortil)..



petshop boys Petshop Boys

hahah remember holiday Bulgaria 1986. balkony first floor. no problem entrance hotell With busines Girls. wow threesome and foursome. and lastd day I meet g from east Berlin again. this time
we make love in hotell room mmm and not in park


leonard cohen Leonard cohen

Remember came home sex-holiday Bulgaria 1987 me got norway gf. That time me was a rich man and I was big computing boss at work.She wanted to marry me and build house in
my Mothers garden. hahah she was speaking while she sleep and I asked when she sleep if she really loves me, hahah she answer NO. MMM but so nice sex MMM. We play this
MM game almost 1 year,She liverd other city; i visit here every weekend. Rest of week working so much overtime. When com home so many  places possible to spy on naked girls
in g shower room/locker room wow

1988 :

billy idol         Billy Idol  

Aftert com home 1988 me no more norway gf. Sister so angry at me , like do voodoo against me and at work me got new very bar office. Hmmm . At home me go down
swimmingpool try investigate if possible do spy on naked girls in shower with mirror under door again. But me was catched and had to pick my clothes and leave
Swimmingpool, next day I go my psycho contact and tell (in Sandvika). She send me to main hospital in Oslo (Rikshospitalet,dr Berthold Grynfeldt).And he give me androcur
medicine(chemical castration). I started eat.Hmmm So strong medicine me got strange look
But then I start feel very sick in nose.Drammen nose doctor had told me that 2 things was wrong with my nose, but he didnt had equipment for this operations.
Then I read about 1 new ear/nose clinique just outside Oslo(Lysaker).not far. He could correct 1 of the bad things and he also advice me some plastical operation.
Me also wanted 1. After finish nose operation he told there had been som thing serious wrong between my eyes that he had fixes.I was there 2 times for operations


halgeir                   Midnight oil

remember norway/Oslofjord 1989.after eat ts medicne 1 year and did so many plastical operations, 1 sexy g from my work go With me in my boat.. we go boating against oslo (45 min drive).outside
 oslo we stop at 1 island.. we play this melody. she go in cabin .after 2 min she ask for. inside cabin she lay tot nude ready for sex mmm


halgeir jøsang     UB40

In august I went to bulgaria again holiday, this time in 5 star luxus hotell. There they got health clinic. I go there every day, Some chineese doctors was doing accupuncture.
And I started with that and continue all rest of  holiday. Nice hotell also got inside swimmingpool with mineral water.
When come home Norway me continue with accupuncture in Asker. It was woman here who give me that etherical oil later. me also start eat ts medicne again

knight templar cia         CMC Music Factory

After work in Oslo I start do training in new center only 5 min away from work. I was doing circle training in group but after a while they also liked me try aerobic training.
I started wit Fat Burner every friday.


In spring 1990 remember me got new office at work,wow so cool office just for myself in floor 18. hahah but 1 boss, collega with  boss with the daughter was also working in floor 18.
That summer I go holiday in health clinic in Romania (hahah so cheap just after revolution)

knight templar pst Snap. the power

Holiday Romania 1990,meet sexy g from Transylvania. Draculina?

knight templar pst Phil Collins

remember last night in romania summer 1990. My gf from transylvania and her 2 girlfriends. we was to sleep in my hotell room. in night we was sitting on balkony playing this melody an me start to cry. My gf start to hold around me and we go inside and make love.

pst knight templar cia      Ave Maria

When com home me start eat androcur again(site effect:depressive). At home  there had started a new GYM-center just near my home(down by the highway).Me started dance aerobic there.
When come home remember me look disney fantasia video. hmmm Ave maria made me so sad.

stay behind snap.ooops up

But me start dance this melody exampel wow so cool, me happy, And me see daughter of boss for first time. She also dancing toghether with 2 girlfriends. 1 of them was daughter of boss psychiatric
 hospital my district.Girl nr 3 was daughter of close collega Boss of Nato. But me didnt know, found out some years later. Hmm strange how daughter of boss was looking
 like my romanien gf.


pst knight templar      Dirty Cash

remember my holiday in romania 1991. I was desperate to try heal my sick nose.Was in Health Clinique try some injections.also testing 1 New eterical oil.. Injectin was of wrong type?. remember me swim
3 hours in indor hot salt water swimmingpool after lunch, in eveing me dance 4 hours every day in Disco. It become a big joke hahah. I also start investigate if possible to put this oil inside
nose (very strong oil:menthol, eucalyptus, camphor, mixed with alcohol )
.After a while I find the method.


knight templar pst          Leila K
In the spring my cock had become very little cos me had eating too much ladyboy medicine. I therefor try this super oil from Singapore on my balls. wow it works.after 2 months 22 cm.

holiday romania 1992 wow. first 2 days I was in shock cos me had Discover somethings..But now correct injection: me become so beauty, all Girls start run after me

in day treatment in clinic and made myself black after lunch in nude Beach.

In evening go bar buy drink and put 20$ on table. After 2 min 1 sexy g come sit Down. wow and we go hotell room for love. continue every evening rest of holiday. Hotell reception got tot mad at me hahah..

But when come home norway. the eterical oil I used became forbidden both sweden/norway. Remeber me go svane apotek and mix my own oil, but not so good..


knight templar pst Technotronic

Hmf  Romania not so cheap anymore. And me was little hurted before go,Could not go mud beach. So much follow after me before go : daughter of boss , female police and POT.
Me so nervous and like go home. But then Hotell Boss make action . Me got free drinks an me buy program for eat.Me start eat lunch and dinner in restaraunt. It was a luxus
restaurant , no problem cos me got nice clothes.
When me came home I experince I could not eat more androcur.


knight templar pstCorona  

Remeber me go 2 holidays this year, Before go first time in june everybody thought I was crazy. Nobody knows about the forbidden etherical oil and POT(PST).
POT was following after me, but me escape Romania. Me treatment in health clinic and after lunch go mud beach(so salt water that lake). After some days me look very
good again.But come home me was so fed up this following I go doctor and he call my boss and father to father to the the daughter of the boss. His sister was boss at my work.
Me become in big trouble.but me escape 1 more time to romania health clinic .
Remember me sit in hotell garden in evening after dinner. 1 teen g from neighbour hotell come sit down,I asked her for striptease busines:We go hotell romm and me make nude
pics.She toughts it was funny. and next day her gf also come and nude pics. this continue every eveing rest of holiday

when come home, me show all nude pics to boys in GYM, I told them I fucked all this Girls hahah.
Me also go ear/nose doctor in Lysaker. He looked in my left nose hole. wow now he could operate. This operation so good. I could start breath with my left nose hole for first time in my life
But daughter of boss so jelious.start follow after me again:I try Call her,but her father answer tlf, and he got so mad at me.

After some months it start to happens so terrible things cos norway psychiatrical system (Ellen Hagemo) an norway secret police. So terrible that 2 years later
President of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland was fired and also Minister of justice Grete Faremo. And also Boss secret police.
But then later new president of Norway Torbjørn Jagland was threated to dead and new minister of justice Anne Holt become sick( poisen ? )

After that  Norway psychiatric system start use the criminal illegal provocation method against me. (  Carten Bjerke / Jørgen Asdøl ++) . And I ended up in regional security hospital .
There next day I look TV and become in shock. It was about Norway secret police ( POT ). hearing in parlament. I didnt know about POT before then. I start to undestand
who had been follow after me ok.


When I was out of there I was walking in evening with light on my head in the forest. Then in the dark busch, I hear the false bird whistling for first time.

odd reidar humlegård        Dead or alive TS

The secret war between illuminati and Knight Temlar had started:

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