Historical - psychiatrical - Blakstad hospital ( sykehus ) - psykiatri.
Prehistorcal - 1979:
Remember long time ago me was finish with education,me was in a garden party
sitting and drinking beer.Then suddenly I saw a strange man standig under a tree.
He was stearing at me long and intence.It was strange.Many years later I saw this man again.
Like he was giving me signal. I experince that next day ca.  things happens.Sometimes very terrible.
ellen hagemo

Holiday Memories

1995 : Norway psychiatrical hospital - Blakstad :
September 1995 - Norway Bishop - ??? was visiting the hospital.He looked very angry. Ca. 1 week later
1 boss psychiatrical doctor was fired cos terrible medicine mistake.( PLANNED - SATANICAL ). Her name
was Ellen Hagemo. Remember I start to understand  who girl nr. 2 in the dance studio was ( Guro Hagemo ).
Drawings mother / daughter:

ellen hagemo Ellen hagemo
I month later the main boss doctor who fired Ellen Hagemo ,had to go USA for medicine
conference. There he suddenly died cos brain stroke.
Ellen Hagemo is almost neighbour to proffesor Einar Kringlen ( xxs )

I think he also was involved.

Pervers - pervert.

In Desember it was a top level emergency meeting in Oslo, and the ball start to roll.

President of Norway, Gro Harlem Brundtland was fired and also Minister of justice Grete Faremo. And also
boss secret police.
But then later new president of Norway Torbjørn Jagland was threated to dead and new minister of justice

Anne Holt become sick( poisen ? ).

In january  the criminal psychiatrical hospital start using criminal provocation methods agains me, and I was send to
regional security hospital, and I start too look TV:
It was a big hearing in the parlament and a commision about Norway secret Police.
I become in shock and start understand who had follow after me. There I also got eczema on my hands, and hospital
refuse me go doctor.They give me only bad idiot creme. First after 3 weeks they send me to skin-doctor, Too late, I got diagnostic.
Example of members of the commision was Carl I Hagen ? and Kåre Willoch ?.
The name of the secret police change name from POT to PST.
This hearing was nonstop on television i 2-3 weeks. I august I was free to go, I start go psychiatrical hospital only in day.
This Continue in many years.

1997 - Autum :
Remember in autum 1997 I was walking with light on head in the evening in the forest.
kåre willoch
Walking over the Skaugum hill in the total darknes,I suddenly hear the false bird whistling. For
the first time. From the dark busch.

Asker 2000 - 11.jan ,   Big explosion in Asker / Bærum Police office:

knut smedsrud
It was Knut Smedsrud who was boss of local police that time
Almost same time there was big dynamit explosions on neighbour farm to Skaugum Kongsgård cos
new building financed by Norway secret  police. Purpose to abuse Children etc.(doc: killengren , pervert ).
And Hanne Harlem was minister of justice.

Norway 2002 :

Illuminati togehter with criminal local police destroy wheels of a car outside local psyciatrical hospital ( Killengren method) ( Ingelin Killengren earlier boss of Norway police ),
cos too much desperate warnings.
Knight templar fights back and destroy wheel of car belong to boss of the psychiatrical hospital in the mountains + 200 cars.
Odd Reidar Humlegård

The secret war was silence for a while, but start again some years later

Oslo 2010
In 2010 knight templar make serious fight back: serious train accident in oslo.1 big train start roll uncontrolled on the tracks down in oslo.
The run finish down on the dock, the train jump in big speed into the water.

odd reidar humlegård

But Norway secret / local police continue abuse  / terror children: (  PST : Roger Berg , Jon Fitje , + Astrid Borge  )

odd reidar humlegård
Pic show pervert criminal female police from local criminal police(narco eks)
abuse children ( neighbours) by the building financed by Norway Secre police
odd reidar humlegård
Pic show ugly fat prson from Norway secret police, coop
illuminati. doing provocation on the street.

Climax 22-july-2011 :
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2014 - Asker / Nye vakåsvei :

grubbegata tor-axel Busch

In the midlle of the night stones thundered through windows in the residential area of ​​Asker.
Police officer Ann Gørild Kjeldsen got her windows smashed and destroyd.
Pic to right show her pervert criminal police collega doing unlegal work at Building financed
by Norway secret police.Before she was close collega to Boss police in Asker / Bærum district.
His name is Terje Nybøe.He is now working at Main Boss Lawyer in Norway ;Tor-Axel Busch.
KNM helge Ingstad
Terje Nybøe
KNM helge ingstad
Tor-Axel Busch
2.6.2019: Criminal police-provocators still active in the PST-financed bulding. Main respons-
ibe for this is Main Boss Lawyer in Norway ;Tor-Axel Busch.
Main Boss Lawyer in Norway ;Tor-Axel Busch so Corrupt , pervert , monster-criminal and
sado-pedhofile that it is on beyond.

2019- Police Killengren method:

asker politi
I know it was authoris responsible for this damage.Cos I was warned before it happen.before and after I saw
2 police officers from asker police ( politi ) behave strange.And I was warned before it happens, same as happens at
blakstad 18.july 2011.

Police had also accuse me for child porn, and they robbed all my computers. They
didnt find anything.
I got computers back after 8 months without harddisks.And 1 computer was destroyd.
I loose many historical pictures.

knight templar fights back :froma

odd reidar humlegård
False bird whistling ( Knight templar) whistling, while me pass 22.july 2011
odd reidar humlegård
Strange man ( Knight templar) again in the shop 18.july 2011.Oh my god,
what will happen now?

odd reidar humlegård
PIC show explosions in opposite site of the car bomb. Proof it must have been bomb inside goverment bulding.
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Many years later I understand who the father of girl nr 3 was:
Ole Willy Sandbeek ( Asker Ap ) talking with Jens stoltenberg ( drawing )

Criminal psychiatrical doctors involved : Tor Helge Notland , Carsten Bjerke , Ole-John Botten , Ole Georg Munkvold , Elisabeth Mork , Paul Johansen ,  Asbjørn Restan .

Norway justice ministers:
Later years many norway minister of justice has been fired.One of  them was Anders Anundsen.
In july 2014 US minster of justice Eric Holder visit Anders Anundsen in Norway:
knm helge ingstad Eric Holder was fired 3 months later.

In 2015 there was a terrible warning case in Norway, Anders Anundsen involved and maybee Erna Solberg:

kong harald Pic show Norway police robbing comps from norway journalist.
3 times they did that in 2015. Police
also used criminal police methods against him ( wheel destroy ).
and he was arrested cos 1 video he made.He say they misunderstanding what he says.  They accuse him
for threats.

The journalist had try to warn about the most pervert homo pedo man i Norway:
Fishminister Svein Ludvigsen:
kong harald
Pic show Svein Ludvigsen togehter with his close friend: King of Norway Harald.
Now in 2019 Fishminister i arrested by police cos he has raped 3 young
foreign boy in ass. He promised this boys big advantage if they let him fuck them
in the ass. He told them he was close friend of King of Norway and prime-
minister Erna Solberg.
Anders Anundsen was fired in the the end of 2016.

Møre og Romsdal Police district
marie benedicte bjørnland
knm helge ingstad
Controll Commite complain Norway secret police to unlegal read and studied a privat skype-chattelog.
Video chat between a underage Norway girl 13.5 yo and a older man , cos she like so much this man
have menthol oil from singapore on his balls( viagra *1000 ).When she video called, she was halv naked.

Justice Minister Sylvi Listhaug:
he first she did when she become new minster of justice, she travel to north-west norway on monster hunting.
in Møre og Romsdal police-district to start . She demand main police-office there to start investigat this
video-conversation . After that she was fired imidiatly.
+++ Monster criminal Sylvi on monster hunting ( Kykkeliky ):

sylvi listhaug
sylvi listhaug
"One now 16 yo girl refuse to talk with the poice. She told them go to hell ,and
that they could fuck them self in the ass"
"Norway police had in secret unlegal recorded this video stream conversation
This unlegal recorded video was seriously stydied unlegaly by Boss this
police district : His name is Ingar Bøen.He become very horny when he looked
this naked 13.5 yo girl in the video.He therefor start wankle at his office while looking
this video, and he cum 2 drops with sperm on the keyboard"

knm helge ingstad
Boss Police Møre og Romsdal police-district Ingar Bøen.

Norway monster-criminal child protect system:
Kjell Ingolf Ropstad
Norway police arrest a 13 yo girl cos she refuse to leave her
mother and father, and go back to the terrible child-
instution. She is desperate crying and screaming while
Norway police arrest her.
Responisble for this is a very pervert and monster-criminal
child and family Minister with name Kjell Ingolf Ropstad ( doc ).
He is ultra conservative christian, just like his collega in Asker:
Ellen Hagemo.
knm helge ingstad
Drawing Kjell Inge Ropstad
knm helge ingstad
drawing of Ellen Hagemo

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Holiday memories
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