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Marc Dutroux - pedo scandal  - belgium

The Netherlands faces the most criminal of paedophilic gangs and a total breakdown of law and order. Elite of Dutch politicians and Dutch law-enforcement involved. Government blackmailed for years and years. Biggest media-cover up in the history of Dutch press.

Outline of Dutch Joris Demmink-case for the international media.

Facts about the Dutch Dutroux-case and the blackmailing of government:

In the summer of 1996 Marc Dutroux was arrested in Belgium. In the ensuing process, which resulted in his conviction in 2004, many indications and documents pointed at the involvement of Dutch politicians and other important people in the abuse of children for sexual purposes. These leads however were never followed.
In 1998 the Dutch prosecutors in Amsterdam were working on the so called "Rolodex case" in which a bunch of very high-ranking people were suspected of being member of a gang of abusers of children. Among those people were a former minister of the cabinet, the personal counsel of queen Beatrix and two leading criminal prosecutors. The police was already preparing to make arrests and search houses, when the whole operation was canceled. It later emerged in the so called ‘Runderkamp-papers’ (named after Lex Runderkamp, a leading journalist from the NOS, the Dutch main news-medium, who worked on the case) that a very high official in the Ministry of Justice in the Hague, mr. Joris Demmink, played a strange role in the affair: he was suspected of being a member of the gang but also leaked information from the prosecution to the suspects. Police officers and also mr. Runderkamp thought that this role of Demmink was behind the decision to cancel the ‘Rolodex-operation’ as suspects were warned and had the chance to destroy evidence.
In april 1998 Dutch television producer Netwerk broadcasted two items about a bunch of criminals smuggling young children to the Netherlands from Eastern Europe for sexual purposes. Netwerk laid hands on telephone-taps from the Rolodex-case; in these taps we hear a very high ranking official from the Ministry of Justice named ‘Joris’ ‘ordering’ some children for the weekend. The official identity of this ‘Joris’ has never been officially clarified, although now it is a ‘public secret’ that it is Joris Demmink.
In November 2002 mr. Joris Demmink is appointed as the highest official on legal matters in the Netherlands. As his appointment lay on the table, there were 40 warnings and indications of his criminal sexual behavior. They were all laid aside.
In October 2003 two Dutch magazines published long and detailed stories about mr. Joris Demmink abusing under-aged prostitutes in a public park in the south of the country (city of Eindhoven). It was published that he used his state-paid limousine to abuse young children on the back bench. The cabinet reacted vehemently by saying it were all lies. One week later however, one of the abused children in the park indicts mr. Demmink for criminal offense. Two days later it is made known by the cabinet that the indiction was ‘false’. Demmink in the meantime confesses to two journalists that he has had sex with under-aged children . This is later reported by the NOS evening journal on television. But than the lawyers for Demmink start fighting the allegation, resulting in a ‘sort of’ rectification by the NOS.
There are rumours that the limousine driver "Mosterd" died under 'mysterious circumstances', as did physician Joyce Labruyere (who had filed a complained to the Dutch Attorney General about this case) and parliamentary-commission inquiry head of the IRT-scandal Maarten van Traa (who - it is claimed - discovered links between that national scandal and the Dutch pedophile network)
In april 2007 the whole affair gets an international dimension as a lawyer for an important Turkish-Kurdish businessman Hüseyin Baybaşin (see also: [1], [2], [3]), and politician again indicts mr. Demmink for sexual abuse of children. This lawyer has the most shocking of stories, all very well documented with tapes, video’s and Turkish police-reports. The basis of this new allegation is that the Turkish government has blackmailed the Dutch government by threatening to ask for the eviction of mr. Demmink to Turkey for sexual crimes committed in Turkey if the Dutch did not put the Kurdish businessman in jale for life. The Turkish government wanted to get rid of this businessman because he had evidence that the Turkish government at that time (under Tansu Ciller) was heavily involved in exporting of drugs and was spreading this evidence around the world. The Dutch government succumbs to the Turks, mainly because the Turks have photographs of Demmink abusing children in Turkey, and organize a complete ‘fake-process’ to get the Kurdish businessman convicted. In this process they used specially fabricated and manipulated telephone-taps. That these taps were fake has been proven by more than ten specialists from the Netherlands and the USA.
In 2008 there are many more indications that the whole legal system in the Netherlands is corrupted by blackmail as many big criminals can walk free for the most bizarre of reasons. Again the Rolodex-case comes to the forefront: the indications of blackmail focus around cases handled by prosecutors who were also member of the abusive gang. Another indication for blackmail are the 20 or so cases in which highly classified files were ‘lost’ or ‘stolen’ from high-ranking officials. These files mostly contained information about high-profile criminal investigations.
In the summer of 2008 the Dutch government denies any indication of criminal offense by mr. Demmink or by other high-ranking officials. Demmink is still in function in the Ministry of Justice. The lawyer for the Kurdish businessman now has appealed against a court-ruling not to prosecute mr. Demmink. The higher court is due to rule in September about this appeal. This is the last chance of Demmink being brought to justice.
The last news-medium in the Netherlands researching this case has stopped working on it in 2007. At this moment, the media keeps quiet or are protecting mr. Demmink by writing that he is a ‘victim of a slandering-operation by criminal gangs’ without elaborating any further. I have written many stories about this case on the internet and want it to come out in the international media as I have not the slightest doubt on the extreme seriousness of the situation in my country

Næringslivsledere og toppolitikere fra begge sider av Atlanterhavet møttes forrige helg i Montreux, ved den østlige bredden av Genèvesjøen i Sveits, til den årlige Bilderberg-konferansen. Blant dem som var oppført på deltakerlista, var Goldman Sachs-sjef og tidligere president i EU-kommisjonen José Manuel Barroso, Donald Trumps svigersønn Jared Kushner, USAs utenriksminister Mike Pompeo, Italias tidligere statsminister Matteo Renzi, finansmannen Marcus Wallenberg, tidligere Google-sjef Eric Schmidt, tidligere CIA-direktør David H. Petraeus og Natos generalsekretær Jens Stoltenberg. Andre nordmenn som var påmeldt, var tidligere Statoil-sjef Helge Lund, WWF-sjef Bård Vegar Solhjell, tidligere Hydro-sjef Svein Richard Brandtzæg og president i World Economic Forum og medlem i Bilderberg-gruppa Børge Brende.

Étienne Francois Jacques Davignon (født 4. oktober 1932 i Budapest)  :

Etter å ha mottatt en doktorgrad i rettsvitenskap fra Université Catholique de Louvain begynte Davignon i det belgiske utenriksdepartementet i 1959 og ble i løpet av to år attaché under daværende utenriksminister Paul-Henri Spaak.[1] Han forble i den belgiske regjeringen frem til 1965. I 1970 ledet han et ekspertutvalg som produserte Davignon-rapporten om utenrikspolitikk for Europa.[2]

Davignon var den første lederen av Det internasjonale energibyrået,[1] 1974–1977, før han ble medlem av Europakommisjonen hvor han var visepresident fra 1981 til 1985. Fra 1989 til 2001 var han formann i den belgiske banken Société Générale de Belgique (ikke del av den franske banken Société Générale), nå en del av den franske leverandøren Suez. Han er nå nestleder i Suezs datterselskap, Suez-Tractebel.[3] Som leder av Société Générale de Belgique var han medlem av European Round Table of Industrialists.[1]

Davignon sitter i Bilderberg-konferansens styringskomitee hvor han var formann 1998 til 2001.[4]. Han er medlem av den belgiske klubben Cercle Gaulois (Cercle Royal Gaulois Artistique et Littéraire).

26. januar 2004 mottok Davignon ærestittelen Statsminister, som gir ham en plass på Crown Council.

I følge anonyme kilder var

Dutroux bare en "løpegutt" for de mektige.

Eieren av Black Castle er Solvay-familen i samarbeid med jansen familien ( jansen pharmacia ).

Baron Daniel E. Janssen Chairman of the Executive Committee, Solvay S.A. .

Solvay / Jansen har nære forbindelser til Bilderberger .

Pedo skandalen i belgia - Forbindelser til Norsk kongefamilie?:
black castle
Kongelig gallamiddag
King Carl Gustaf, Queen Silvia, King Willem-Alexander, Queen Maxima,
Grand Duchess Maria-Teresa, Grand Duke Henri, Queen Margrethe, Queen Mathilde, King Flippe,
Countess Sophie, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Sofia, Crown Prince Frederik,
Crown Princess Mary, Crown Prince Haakon, Crown Princess Mette-Marit, Princess Stephanie, Prince Guillaume,
Princess Märtha Louise, Princess Beatrix, Princess Astrid, Prince Albert of Monaco, Queen Anne-Marie and
Princess Mabel attended a gala dinner at the Royal Palace in Oslo, to mark the 80th Birthday of
King Harald and Queen Sonja.

Has Norway Pedo police norsk started investigate this royal pedo people and narco gangsters if some connections? (operation Dark room ) ?

Solvay / JPMorgan forbinelser:

- Jacques B.( Solvay / JPMorgan )

Managing Director - Head of Technology for Digital Origination & Digital Wealth Management at JPMorgan Chase & Co.

DirectorsJacques ElvingerElvinger Hoss Prussen, Société 425, L-2014 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of LuxembourgMassimo GrecoJPMorgan Asset Management (UK) Limited60 Victoria EmbankmentLondon EC4Y
United KingdomJohn Li How CheongThe Directors’ Office19, rue de BitbourgL-1273 LuxembourgGrand Duchy of Luxembour
Hmm vi ser mye Brussel + massimo famlie ( Roma ).


20 tons of cocaine found on JP Morgan Chase cargo ship .
JPMorgan The Ship is registeret at Bermuda, and is leased by Swizz/Italien shipping Company.
Mediterranean Shipping Company . Boss : Diego Aponte ( Italy - Napoli ).

skip på vei til Havnen i Amsterdam som er kontrollert av den hollanske kongefamilien.
kokain mafia
Bilder viser hele den Monster kriminelle, perverse og sataniske Narko
banden fra den Hollanske og Belgiske  kongefamilen. Staselig antrukket på
slottsbalkongen i Oslo. Og de er beskyttet av den monster-kriminelle,perverse
og udugelige barneplager banden PST ( pervers ). Denne traffiken har sikkert
 pågått i 20 år pga. korrupte presidenter og samarbeid med Royal Euro Mafia
De farmasøytiske familene Solvay / Janssen har med ovestående metode tjent seg
søkkrike og er idag en av europas rikeste familier.

Satanisk child robbery from Norway

Child Robbery video: video

Videoen is from Moelv .
(Brumundal /Ringsaker ) barnevern).
The moviemake in this case
 threatehen very criminal from Oslo company:

Agenda kaupang .(according anonymes vitness ). Agendakaupang

( Hege Askestad )

Video show 1 pervert pehophile og satanical old man robbing
child ,coop with hedmark Police

Hedmark /Oppland Policedistrict ( Hamar) . Bosses:

Johan Brekke ( Politimester )
Jørn Presterudstuen ( PST)
he came from Norway secret police.  (  22.juli-2011 )
Arne Hammersmark ( visepolitimester)

Hedmark Tingrett :Brumundal case - Satanical from hell:

Statsadvokat Iris Øsp L. Storås

brumundal satanical
Drawing show emplye Helnor A/S :Sigmund Hjorth (daglig leder, f.v.) Dag Solberg (25 års ans), Mads Maurud (30 års ans.), Tor Inge Dahlen (35 års ans), togehter with med Helge Nordahl Hagen (owner).
Jmf:Ringsaker blad
satani hedmark
Drawing show Tor Inge Dalen.
He has close connnection to the biggest slaughterhouse in norway : Nortuna.
in Ringsaker(close to OL-city Lillehmmar).

Guvernor in Hedmark district now is Knut Storberget:
Sylvi Listhaug  
Drawing show Knut Storberget to the left, and biggest narco-smugler in
Norway history: Jensen, and earlier boss norway Police Ingelin Killengreen.
In 2011 22.july , Knut Storberget and boss of Nato Jens Stoltemberg got their
offices blowed by many bombs:


Roya Mafia

Clinton medic. foundation