Norway Cild Robbery and sale of stolen children.

Kong Harald on visit to Aust-agder County (south-norway)
kong harald

The picture shows a children's choir performance in Vennesla at which King Harald was present.
4 months later, 3 of these children are kidnapped and taken to an unknown location by Vennesla
child protection for no reason at all. Hmm the two girls are possibly placed with a rich family
at Voss (
ski resort place). But where has the boy gone

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Dok: Agder lagmannrett

Hmm, when I now again try to contact the whistleblower in this case, she refuses to talk. Possibly scared alive.
why?  Violation of Human Rights: Norway, led by King Harald and Erna Solberg,
has now been judged by the European
The Court of Human Rights (ECHR) for gross violations of Human Rights.

More later, other whistleblower told that in neighbour city Tvedestrand was possible buy a child
for 25 000 in Bitcoin.
Arabisk salg av barn: twitter-film
P å filmen en eldre arabisk mann som kjøper en 8 år gammel jente for ca 50 000 kr.
Nevner da at i Norge har mann et mye værre system.Barn stjeles bla. a i samarbeid med politiet.
Og foreldrene får ikke en dritt.

Norway child care