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So long time 1976. first year in computer Tech School. me go disco Friday evening. 1 g from Rich shipping Family come sit Down
With me. hahah coco. ( Ugland rederier )
2 year I change School cos like specialice.I got New friend, he also nerd like me. but he was angry cos he feel
somebody terror him.
Me didnt understand, before last year in School.I also start feel somebody follow after me.
But suddenly it stop. Instead I got a New very good teacher and I bachelor With good examination.
 20 years later, I Undestand it was Norway Secret police who had follow after me ok.
It was after computer school I saw the strange man for first time. . Before go in Navy I was in garden party. Then suddenly in the shadow
I saw a strange man stearing at me long and intence.Strange .But 25 yeaars later I start to see this man again.........
In Navy I become petty officer ( computer teacher) and also operate tonsils cos so much sick.

Ellen Ugland :

ellen ugland

Tidligere leder av Asker Høyre.

ellen ugland

child abuse - voyeur -  ladyboy medicine

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