Climaks 22.july 2011 ok  :
Cos me experience so much, I desperatly had tried to warn about Knight templar many times.
Me desperatly had started to write bloggs. They didnt like and police catched me and send me to
to the psychiatrical hospital.Responsible Elisabeth Mork ( Satanical happenings ).
There the controll commition made me free to go.
22.june 2011 police catch me 1 more time, cos me had flushed water on the criminal police
provocators by the "secret police financed building". Oh, me also had buy a air-pistol.
In hospital I was very quick free to go outside 4 times a day.
18. July I was in shop outside hospital:
odd reidar humlegård
There in shop I suddenly see the strange man again. He was looking me little, while he was
shopping, Oh my god, what will happens now I was thinking.


beate gangås
The Monster-criminal PST-provacator sitting outside by cafe on Holmensenter
shoppingcenter ( Asker ) for provocation. How did he now I was coming for bying a bike.

22.July I was out of hospital.They let me keep the air-pistol, when controll commite made
me free . Controll comite was angry cos it was not forbiden to water in garden.
When I was home ,Criminal Police provocators start make noise outside my house again.
asker polit
Pic show female police in civil doing unlegal work
by the "secret police financed building".

When I was walking down the street The fat ugly man from secret police coming against me.
asker politipic secret police man

I pass and after 5 min ,when I pass the old electro-house I hear the false bird whistling again
ellen hagemo
pic made 6 months later in winter.
This time so loud and clear. 20 min later maybee, I hear some explosion far away in Oslo direction.
Me didnt understand. But 1 hour later I was in KIWI-shop and all people was in shock.
They tell me about the explosion and the Island.,..,,,,,,, Oh my good I was thinking.
asker politi 
Grubbegata + Island

Next day all was silence outside my house.But when I later was biking home from biking trip,
just near the train-station.I saw a car parked by street. Inside  was boss police my district.
His name is Torodd Veiding.He looked at me , and he looked so desperate.
Torodd Veiding to the right.

Some days ??? after I also see 2.boss local police district.He was driwing down the street against me.
He also look desperate.
His name was Rolf Daae Meyer:

Rolf Daee Meyer He was fired emidiatly.

Norway - Justice Ministers :
Its many justice ministers reponsible for abuse children using the "secret police financed building" . Using criminal pervert ( pervers ) police-provocators:
Hanne Harlem , Odd Einar Dørum , Knut Storbeget , Anders Anundsen , Per-Willy Amundsen , Sylvi Listhaug , Tor Mikkel Wara ,Jøran Andre Kallmyr.

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