Norway IT - Scam

kong harald

Drawing of Norway Royal family from pict december 2019 include som text fields with word reminds
some satanical cases in norway ( child care , blackcaste , whistleblowers , + epstein ).
History : Me was chatting with asia girls cam to Cam.also in skype .Many girls like me send some money
for nude show.Me tell me cant do that anymore. Its maybee forbidden.
At Same day me go local buss to local town Asker for dinner and shopping (Asker-Sandvika buss route 270 ).
Then suddenly me saw 1 middle age woman.
Ah ok, remeber, it was a woman me write about in other blogg. It was lesbian
girlfriend to new police boss in Oslo District . (  description in the drawing ) : Hmmm whats provocation was this.
Me experience provations manytimes.But me protected by some top secret. And everytime Norway justice
system doing criminl provoactons against me , something top secret always fight back , eks:  politidirektoratet .

it svindel
Beate Gangås, new Boss of Oslo
police district.Before she worked
PST ( police security police)
it svindel
Line Stubberud ; lesbian girlfrind to
Beate Gangås .

When me come home , 1 asian girl start chat me in Skype with cellphone and  instead asking for money
She told she got problem to pay for load (electronic cp load , kontantkort ).She tell about
me could buy load for her , cost only 7$, so cheap. Hmmm 7$ so little.And she told about
Me look , This is wellknown it-company.Just like paypal , amazon , ebay etc.
Hmmm me like try just for fun, 7$ so little.And me fill out schema with visa cardnr , name etc just like
in amazon and ebay, But when me finish sceme, there was a new scheme.Asking for my my e-banking
information.I just read such criminal cheat in newspaper. Me call my bank DNB, he tell me to quit this site
Immediately..So I was not defrauded and cheatet.Me also called, and they told this ebanking
fill in schema was false.And me had to check browser and cookies.(hmmm me used firefox-browser).
How is this criminal cheat possible?
I know boss earlier secret police with name Marie Benedicte Bjørnland dreaming of having system to cheat
whistleblowers and others. with criminal it system.She example made a speek in millitary society some years ago.
She  dreaming have and installer to e-install keytrackers in peoples computers.
In other blogg me write about girl-video in a chat-room.1 person named Jarle Avsnes was having a false webcam room:

 Me discover it cos me asked false video g for skp . hahah and he add me. He inv me in group. it was
1 other in group. Jarle told later this man had connection to Kripos.And that they had video record my cam.
But me dont show nude in cam room anymore haha ( kripos=Norway criminal police).
"Og plutselig ringer en person ved navn Jarle Avsnes fra Vadheim i Sogn og snakker truende
Han bor nå muligens i Bærum (Haslum) og han sier han samarbeider med politiet.Hm kanske
han bor i kollektiv med barnebarnet til Torodd Veiding (dok)? Det falske webcam rommet som
Jarle og hans venn brukte, var veldig proffesionelt laget.Mye tyder da på at Politidirektoratet
var involvert (  Marie Benedicte Bjørnland - POD ). Jeg vet min opptreden på cam ble filmet.
Heldigvis viser jeg ikke naken på den siden mer. Isteden chatter jeg med cam jenter på Skype"

Me was told Jarle Avsnes got arrested and prisoned cos this case .  And ketil Haukaas was fired. But why was not responsible Police also

Marie Benedicte Bjørnland.
Boss Norway Police
it svindel
Boss Criminal Police in Norway (kripos)
Ketil Haukaas
knm helge ingstad
New Boss Norway secret police (PST)
Hans Sverre Sjøvold

I also know secret police in denmark some years ago buy e-system to spy on people and.........
I also read queen of Denmark just was victum of a robbery.And that euro Royals coop very close.

King of Norway is very angry abut the bloggs me write about Norway and Euro Royals:
sado-pedo , blackcastle-eng , whistleblowers , Norway Child Care

I know King of Norway has asked for help by authoritys.


Drawing from Castle dinner.What are Prime ministert of  Erna Solberg talking about with
King Harald of Norway ?

Resume of this blogg is that Norway Top leve people involved in the in criminal cheat when
try to buy load from
Day after  there was signals just like 18.july 2011 , that prove that the assumptions is correct.
And before the cheat, me was also warned by asian ladyboy in facebook.

Hmmm next video show Norway secret police lie for the whole world about norway 22.july 2011.

ellen hagemo

proof : historical

Hmmm the cp nr. the load  (7$ ) was to be paid for was: <prefix>09306071425.

I forbindelse med denne åpenbare monster kriminelle politi-itsvindel / grovt
ransforsøk , er saken nå anmeldt til spesialenhetet:

politi it-svindel ,  grovt ransforsøk 600 000 kr ,  Arne Johannessen , Ketil Haukaas . Beate Gangås , Marie Benedicte Bjørnland .

pervert -pervers
borgarting lagmanrett



Norsk Folkehelseinstitutt - FHI

Politi - ledelse


Child abuse - voyeur - ladyboy medicine